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Intel pushes speed, reliability claims with its new MXC cable

September 04, 2013
An optical interconnect introduced by Intel on Wednesday may someday slim down cabling throughout data centers if the company can get enough vendors to mass-produce it.

Not quite Heinz: Intel's Avoton server chip comes in 13 varieties

September 04, 2013
Intel is taking another run at the market for low-power, high-density servers with its new "Avoton" chip, which was launched Wednesday and will do battle with an expected upcoming wave of ARM-based processors.

Cache warfare: Azure and AWS get updated caching services

September 04, 2013
The competition between Microsoft's Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) has moved to the caching layer: Both companies updated their caching services this week.

Google set to launch Glass app store

September 04, 2013
Google is ramping up plans to open an app store focused solely on Google Glass, the computerized eyeglasses expected to launch in 2014.

Topsy wants to become the Google search of Twitter

September 04, 2013
Searching through Twitter's archive of tweets can be frustrating -- they are sorted on the site by Twitter's own algorithms, and older tweets tend to get buried. Google? Forget it. Topsy, an analytics company, wants to do it better.

Samsung's smartwatch panned as a limited, 'overpriced toy'

September 04, 2013
Early reaction to Samsung's new Galaxy Gear smartwatch, announced Wednesday in Berlin, was decidedly downbeat if not downright negative

Negligence by security camera vendor harms customer privacy

September 04, 2013
Hundreds of people had private moments broadcast publicly over the Internet through security cameras they bought from a vendor that got in hot water with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.